Gender Equity in Coaching: Organizational Results

Congratulations on completing the Gender Equity in Coaching Self-Assessment Tool! Assessing where you are as an organization in relation to best practice in Gender Equity in Coaching is an important first step . The results below indicate areas of organizational strength and identifies areas for improvement to advance gender equity in coaching for women. You will also learn about how you can start to affect change and receive access to useful resources to support your journey. Remember to register and login or click ‘Generate PDF’ to save your responses and results.

1: Needs improvement 2: Emerging 3: Advancing 4: Acquired 5: Excellence

Governance & Policies

Strategies & Operations

Coach Recruitment & Advancement

Capacity Building & Training

Environment & Culture

Programs & Initiatives

Funding & Resources

Marketing & Communications

Measuring & Celebrating Success

Thank you for completing the Gender Equity in Coaching Self-Assessment Tool! If you would like to learn more about Gender Equity in Coaching for your organization, please contact Canadian Women & Sport at